SmartFlo: Intelligent data for Traffic Management

SmartFlo uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze Traffic patterns in real-time using only video cameras. It collects Traffic Flow patterns in the city. Use real not estimated data for real-time optimization of Traffic Lights.


  • Use existing road side cameras
  • Real-time data
  • Central processor or Edge server
  • Collect turning movement, lane occupancy, queue lenght, lane changes, headway, volume counts, vehicle classification.
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist counts and paths
  • Detect congestion, Roadworks


  • Urban Traffic Light Managment with real not estimated data
  • Data insights in real time for events like sport match or accidents
  • Understand Traffic flow patterns in city for example Freight flow
  • Insights on Active Travel uptake

We received the prestigious Highways Innovation award in the congestion category in year 2018 for SmartFlo